See Authentic Sicily in Cefalu

If You Want to See the Authentic Sicily Cefalù is a Must-Visit

See Authentic Sicily in CefaluCefalu is one of Sicily’s tourist gems. Located in Palermo province in the northern part of the island, the city is famous for its enormous rocky peninsular, which juts out into the Mediterranean Sea – a little like the Rock of Gibraltar. Blessed with a huge array of historic sights, the city can be visited again and again, so it helps to be based nearby. If you want to discover the authentic Sicily, Cefalù is somewhere you simply have to see, and while you do so, there’s no better place to stay than at Wundergarten.

Stay Close to Sicily in Beautiful, Traditional Accommodation

Wundergarten is an accommodation provider like no other. Nestled in the countryside south of Cefalu and Palermo, on the edge of the Madonie Natural Park, it includes forest lodges, spa retreats, rural cottages, and a luxurious manor house – all connected and part of a vibrant community. It’s also the ideal base to use when visiting Cefalu. The city is only a short drive away, and after seeing the sights you can be back home in the evening, relaxing with a swim and some fine food.

For Fans of Authentic Sicily Cefalù will be a Delight

There’s so much to see when you make the trip to the coast. Cefalu’s cathedral mixes Norma, Roman, Moorish, and Greek architecture like no other. Visitors can sunbathe and swim at the sun-drenched beach. The Museo Mandralisca is a historical and artistic treasure trove, and the mysterious Temple of Diana on the rocky outcrop dates back over 3,000 years. Full of stories, places to eat, and beautiful sights, Cefalu is unmissable. And the Wundergarten is the best place to stay if visitors want time to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Le Casette
via Borgognone 4, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

My Home Spa
via Borgognone 18, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

Dimora dei Frati
via Borgognone 22,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

The Forest Lodge
c.da San Giorgio,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

Farm & GreenHouse
c.da Pispisia 70, 91025 Marsala (TP)

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