At Wundergarten a holiday is an experience. Here you can celebrate the natural luxury, sitting back, relaxing and taking advantage of our services, taking care of your wellbeing. But we would also like you to dedicate some time to walking, learning about the surrounding nature and land, to experience the freedom of a true traveller. It is up to you to plan your day and choose your ideal routes. But remember, doing nothing is also a luxury!

Mountain Bike

The fans of mountain biking will appreciate the terrain that surrounds the site of WunderGarten. Submerged in nature, they can go biking on a woodland paths or nature trails but also on the narrow streets of mountain villages. There is the possibility of booking a guide and bike rental from us (LOMBARDO 300).

Safari Off Road

We will guide you on this exciting and entertaining adventure, on the paths through nature, on board of our Gator 4×4. We will then leave it to enter deeper into the woods and to reach small waterfalls and for a break at the farm, where you can taste freshly made ricotta. Included in price: soft drinks on board, typical regional snack. How to dress: comfortable, casual clothes and walking boots or comfortable covered shoes. Swimming costumes and towels. Duration: 4 hours. Departure from the hotel at 8-8.30 am. Price per person: adults 50 Euro, children 6-12 years of age 30 Euro. Botanical guide: a supplement of 100 Euro, cost to be shared between participants.

Botanical Walk

“All the forms of Art are inspired by forms of Nature said German photographer Karl Blossfeld, a personality that has inspired the project of Wundergarten. Here taking a walk means observation of nature and taking inspiration from it, to preserve its beauty and recall it in a daily life. Departing from Gratteri one can appreciate fully the Madonie Natural Park, loved for its biodiversity and considered to be a botanical garden in the centre of the Mediterranean. There is a possibility to book, as a botanical guide, an expert from the Department of Natural Sciences at University of Palermo, that cooperates with us. Please talk to Debora!


Thanks to its privilleged location in the heart of Madonie Natural Park, Wundergatren is an ideal choice for the trekking enthusiasts. Going for a long walk on the various types of paths and tracks is the best way to immerse oneself in nature. Wundergarten offers a perfect holiday made to measure for the trekker, being the perfect starting point for hiking and trekking. Madonie Natural Park is full of paths that allows you to discover diverse aspects of its flora and fauna. If you wish, you could book our expert guide to lead our guests on the most beautiful paths in the park. Anyway, it is always worth talking to Markus!


Feeling good. Wellness means relaxing and pampering oneself with comfort and luxury. All our services of Private Spa can satisfy your need of regeneration. At Forest Lodge, deep into the woods, you could experience sharing a Swedish sauna outside and next having a hot drink around the fire. You can also book a session with our trainer and together choose an ideal location for yoga and meditation. For a total regeneration, book your Detox Package, a tailor-made plan to rebalance your psycho-physical energies and reawaken your senses. Please talk to Debora!

Le Casette
via Borgognone 4, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

My Home Spa
via Borgognone 18, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

Dimora dei Frati
via Borgognone 22,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

The Forest Lodge
c.da San Giorgio,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

Farm & GreenHouse
c.da Pispisia 70, 91025 Marsala (TP)

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