Gesaro and Markus Muller. One place but with diverse types of accommodation, created for exploration of the soul and nature. The place where hospitality is also a life experience. Sicilian warmth is complemented by the knowledge of German travellers and is offered in the form of an extensive experience, like a new  contemporary Grand Tour. It is an arrival to Wonderful Sicily that astounds, surprises and pampers.


Art, design, beauty, nature  and knowledge. There is not a form of beauty more startling than  that offered by nature every day. Debora’s science is botany, art is her life. Her ideal guests would be Blossfeld, Goethe and Kubrick. For her Wundergarten is the project of freedom and sensuality. Sicily runs through her veins like lava flow rushes down the slopes of Etna.


A continent in itself in respect of its cultural and natural diversity. A synthesis of opposites: high and low, the sea and the mountains, luxury and basics, noble and peasant. Sicily is an unmissable destination for the conscious traveller who wants to learn about themselves through getting to know new places, people, traditions, flavours and colours.


“Nature preserves the original forms of art” by Karl Blossfeld in Wundergarten der Natur, 1932


Debora’s family roots are reaching deep into the countryside of the Madonie Park. In every room there are portraits of grandparents and ancestors as well wishing custodians. And every day in Wundergarten the freedom of the wilderness reawakens and renews itself, experienced in unspoiled nature, genuine flavours of peasant tradition and rediscovery of the original rhythms of life.

Natural Luxury

Wundergarten is a philosophy of life that has found its place in Gratteri in the Madonie Park, in the woods overlooking the sea. Conceived as a project that combined contemporary art with botany it has become a foundation of hospitality, and it offers the natural luxury in a Mediterranean botanical garden. Our idea of natural luxury is that of relaxation, wellbeing, revitalisation, knowledge, discovery and experience of true Sicily. Sicily that is revealed to the watchful traveller who takes time to find them self.

The Wundergarten Family

Debora, Boris and Leon

Le Casette
via Borgognone 4, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

My Home Spa
via Borgognone 18, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

Dimora dei Frati
via Borgognone 22,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

The Forest Lodge
c.da San Giorgio,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

Farm & GreenHouse
c.da Pispisia 70, 91025 Marsala (TP)

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