Wundergarten Spirit

Dimora dei Frati, MyHomeSpa, Le Casette, The Forest Lodge, Farm and a Greenhouse, all being expressions of the spirit of Wundergarten, are created in response to various expectations of travellers from experience. Different varietes of one philosophy: a natural luxury. A philosophy of contemporary hospitality, of renewal and wellbeing tailor-made for each traveller. Wundergarten is a garden of pleasures for the travellers with a green soul, for the curious and for those who want to be spoiled. The guest decides which experience suits them best by choosing to stay in one of our structures, with their unique design that emphasises the natural connections with the origins. It is in the spirit of Wundergarten to understand the wishes of our guest and accommodate them in an atmosphere of familiarity, intimate and without formality.

The Manor House

Dimora dei Frati is a historic house. Here the traditions are kept alive and the past is celebrated as an authentic return to the roots of Sicilian culture. Here nature is a master of the house, with its silences and scents. This is the beating heart of Wundergarten. In this manor house the guests are welcomed into the dining room for the lavish breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by the house chef.

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The Private SPA

My Home Spa is a Sanctuary of Pleasure and regeneration by energy and life that comes from water. Here you can lose yourself in the steam of Turkish bath and find yourself again in the heat of the pool. Then you can sink into dreams in the Nessun Dorma, a tribute to the lovers of opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini. It is a charming and cosy bedroom with a treasure: a private spa, for exclusive use by its guests.

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The Family Living

Le Casette are two separate buildings with 3 floors in the historic centre of Gratteri. An ideal choice for families wanting to experience the rural way of life of this town. An authentic holiday without giving up on home comforts.

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The Wild Lodge

The Forest Lodge is the most adventurous idea of Wundergarten. The hospitality offer that is best described as “native lush experience“, an unique opportunity of living in contact with authentic and mysterious nature of the Sicilian woods. A charming shelter in the Natural Reserve, where one can rediscover the laws of nature.

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Farm & Greenhouse

The Farm&Greenhouse is a separate part of Wundergarten in Marsala. It is also possible to stay and to experience a way of life of a real sicillian farmer. An exchange: hospitality for work. As we take example from the land, that pays us back in produce for care and dedication, on the Farm the only accepted payment is your work.

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Le Casette
via Borgognone 4, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

My Home Spa
via Borgognone 18, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

Dimora dei Frati
via Borgognone 22,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

The Forest Lodge
c.da San Giorgio,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

Farm & GreenHouse
c.da Pispisia 70, 91025 Marsala (TP)

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