The Residence, according to Orazio

The Residence

The residence chosen among those available in the Dimora dei Frati is the Fra Bastiano room: a place that evokes mystical and sensual pleasures.

From the entrance you can see a well-restored building made very welcoming by the combination of antique and modern, tasteful furnishings, a meeting place between the rituals and traditions of the mountain with modern design.
Located in an area very close to the town center but still accessible by car, we were warmly welcomed by the owner Debora, with whom we pleasantly chatted over a good coffee and a slice of homemade cake.

Inside Fra Bastiano we found an antique design with wood and wrought iron but made unique by details with a distinctly modern taste. The view on the back gives on the Grattara Grotto, always illuminated at night.
One evening we also had dinner according to the tastes of the madonite tradition: all very good.

Excellent breakfast in the silence of a kitchen where only the sound of the coffee coming up through the moka fireplace reverberates. One of the things we liked was the location above the village of Gratteri, which makes Wundergarten an ideal place for excursions. Even the sea is not so far away.

It is served by an exquisite butler and in the restaurants of Gratteri locals treats people as kings, they have a strong sense of hospitality towards tourists. Everything, from the table to the arrangement of the tablecloth, from the lamps to the curtains, is arranged in the best way to enhance the place and its tradition. Highly recommended for couples


Le Casette
via Borgognone 4, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

My Home Spa
via Borgognone 18, 90010 Gratteri (PA)

Dimora dei Frati
via Borgognone 22,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

The Forest Lodge
c.da San Giorgio,
90010 Gratteri (PA)

Farm & GreenHouse
c.da Pispisia 70, 91025 Marsala (TP)

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