Sagra della Vastedda, a tasty tradition

Sagra della Vastedda

Also this year, as every year, on August 14th, the appointment with the Sagra della Vastedda fritta festival is renewed, during which the hot balls sprinkled with sugar are fried and offered to all visitors.

The Sagra della Vastedda is not only limited to this typical dessert, but it is an opportunity for Gratteri to offer tastings of typical products accompanied by a glass of local wine, performances by folk groups and a concert of popular ethnic music.

The fixed appointments of the Sagra

During the day of particular importance is the cursa chi sciecchi (race with donkeys), during which several pairs of boys riding on donkeys challenge each other with strength and speed tests. Visitors can also take part in guided tours of the historic center, admire photographic exhibitions and see the performances of folk groups that enliven the afternoon with Sicilian songs and dances. At night, after the traditional belvedere show, it’s nice to hear Sicilian serenades with guitar, mandolin and accordion in the most characteristic corners of the country.

Characteristics and recipe of Vastedda

La Vastedda is included in the list of traditional agri-food products (PAT) drawn up by the Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.
The recipe calls for a dough with flour, yeast, extra virgin olive oil; the dough, cut into rectangles, folded in two and then fried, is then passed into sugar. It can also be salted at the end of frying: in this case it is passed in salt and with the anchovies placed at the center of the dough.

Book your cooking class

You can reserve a special cooking class to learn how to prepare this typical Sicilian specialty as well: just ask at the time of your reservation, a moment to have your chef and Deborah help you in the kitchen. A unique opportunity to take home the experience of a culinary tradition that has been handed down for centuries and enrich your personal recipe book.

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